On July 21, 1821, Andrew Jackson established Escambia and St. Johns Counties in the areas known as West and East Florida. St. Johns County encompassed all areas east of the Suwanee River. For 200 years, St. Johns County has been a place where families establish their roots and where residents and visitors alike can share history.

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St. Johns County Coat of Arms

In 1991, Vicente de Cadenas y Vicente, De Gaztanga y Nogues, Herald, King of Arms, Dean of the Corps of Heralds, certified the St. Johns County Coat of Arms:

A silver Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) in a field of green. On the left side, a silver banner with a red cross (representing the name of the County). Above the lamb, on a heraldic chief of red, is a gold castle with towers, masonry joints in black, and red windows and doors (representing the Castillo de San Marcos). The border is composed of eight parts – alternating red background with a gold castle and a silver background with the purple lion rampant (representing a simplified version of the Arms of Castille and Leon). Atop the seal rests a mural crown, a circle of gold walls with black masonry joints, and 12 towers, 7 of which are visible (representing a province).

Image: St. Johns County Seal


St. Johns County Flag

The five horizontal waves represent the St. Johns River, for which the County is named. The County Seal rests at the center of the flag.

St. Johns County adopted the official flag in 1996.

Image: St. Johns County Flag